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Who is she? - Sentiments in Verse

I observed the fusion 
of pixels in a photo;
The incandescent light 
that produces a focus.

The covers of product brands;
trying to impress 
with their envelopes.
And before I saw another portrait,
I saw a wave of hair that stretched
over a female silhouette.

I went through the detail of the dress;
the shadows 
that his reality produces,
the fine cloth 
that hid his sensuality.

I could only appreciate 
the little of his identity,
trapped in a photo hidden 
from the bandit.

I know that I am not the first 
to be intrigued;
in walking thoughtfully 
with his heart.

With a question 
that seeks answer in my mind,
who is she ?, 
that of the pixels of the lens.

Who is she? -
Who is she? -

Author:  sybcodex.
Book title: «Sentiments in Verse»
Chapter Title: Who is she?
© All rights reserved to the author.


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